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You ever look at a picture that just enrages you so much that you have to regain control of yourself? A picture is worth a thousand revolutionaries who come together in the name of a true and just mission. (Picture taken at a school in Ghana)


I am taking an Operation Management class with a U Penn, Wharton School of Business (the most elite business school in the US), professor for FREE! With Coursera, there is no excuse for ignorance. Enroll in a class today and start taking classes in all fields with Stanford, Princeton, Duke, UPenn, California Institute of Technology, Duke, and University of London professors (among others from top colleges.) You can opt not to be graded if you don’t want a certificate of course completion, and you just want personal enrichment. So…what are you waiting on? No, I’m not on Coursera’s marketing team; I just believe this is how education *should* be: free and available to all who desire it, not overpriced and compulsory or forced. I’m also taking Genetics & Evolution, Organizational Analysis, and Fundamentals of Computer Programming. Geeked!