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Facebook Unfriending Sparked Iowa Arson Attack, Cops Say.


Hmmm… Over $100k in speaking fees plus more $$ for accommodations, so the school can bring in $200k… “FREE speech” is… um… “free”. No? Why am I the only one who seems to have taken math courses around here?

I could care less about Palin, but I do care that schools are so “strapped for cash” (a LIE anyway–CUT THE ADMINISTRATORS!!), and CSU is wasting time with collecting pennies when they could be revitalizing courses and student hope in an ailing time. Now, who’s doing the real “dumpster diving”? Look what a shiny, yet hopelessly cracked, porcelain doll they scored!

We’d have President McCain right now if it weren’t for Soccer Psycho and her never-ending stream of sputum. She’s like the blinking and talking doll with batteries that won’t die and eyelids that won’t stay shut, so you have to hide the thing in the closet to keep from having nightmares. “Baby want hug!” Aggghhhh…..

I’m going to keep the covers over my eyes and hope it goes away.