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One of my former students spoke out against Dr. King on Facebook, and here’s how I responded after reading the sheeple attack him:

You represent those of us who read OUR history, not lilly white versions of it. You represent those of us who know that Marcus Garvey and the Black Panther Party (et. al.) had a lot more to do with dramatic change than King did. You represent those of us who aren’t blind, those who know that America is largely segregated and that there is no such thing as a so-called black community any more. You represent those of us who don’t believe lies about Bro. Malcolm and the NOI, those of us who have read “By Any Means Necessary” and who know that when he started talking about black people connecting throughout the diaspora, he committed a fatal sin against the white “gods.” You represent those of us who don’t see how “Basketball Wives” represents improvement on our parts, those of us who see how we have merely switched from chattel slaves to economic slaves. “Bands a’ make her dance[rs]” we are now, and that is no position to be in. You represent those of us who know that more black men have been killed by the criminal justice system since alleged desegregation than were killed during the Jim Crow era and the post-slave South combined. You represent those of us who are not a part of the walking dead, those of us who are not afraid to ask questions, to demand answers of our so-called leaders. You are an intelligent black man who speaks his own truth and that is a dangerous weapon indeed. I pray you never ever go to work for the County or any other slave system that pigeon holes and categorizes our people while handing them a slip of paper with a list of “resources” and maybe a few pences then cry that you are on the front lines, the front lines of the enemy. I will never again do the coon dance for the miseducation system again because I realized how, even at the community college level, it was a lot about trapping unsuspecting poor and minority students into holding tanks of remediation from which they rarely escaped. If you never ever do anything but speak, you have done enough, and don’t let anyone tell you less. You don’t have to be a poser to enlighten someone, to make people think, to send someone to the books to learn.