Should Restaurants Open Christmas? HuffPost/YouGov Poll Finds Most Americans Say No

Posted: December 24, 2012 in SOC: Stream of Consciousness

I have been genuinely disgusted, watching the “Christmas” crowd this holiday season. They’ll mow you down in the mall parking lot, just so they can get to a sale. That’s the spirit! Everyone asks if your Christmas shopping is done. It’s insensitive and small-minded. Who cares? Love is neither proven nor shown with gifts. And no one should feel obligated to buy presents. Parents who focus on presents are more problem than parent. When children feel loved, when they are given what they need on as-needed basis, there is no need for some pathetic checklist of junk to pile up under a tree for them. I show up after school with gifts for my kids. It’s hard to pass a storefront without getting them something if I see something they’ll need or like. There is no Santa Claus. Why should I hustle and slave so that all the credit can go to some fat white man in a red suit? The only white man who did anything for us is the comptroller who signed my paycheck. And even that, I earned through toil. No one’s going to love you because you gave him/her something. The spirit of the holiday is pretty much dead. Who practices the principles of Moses, those of Jesus? Love thy neighbor, not love thy family. It’s obvious to care about one’s own family, but what do you do for others?
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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