Should Restaurants Open Christmas? HuffPost/YouGov Poll Finds Most Americans Say No

Posted: December 24, 2012 in SOC: Stream of Consciousness, Uncategorized

And it’s not Jesus’s birthday anyway. It’s Sol Invictus. Few of these Holy Peddlers know the history of their own religion. Perhaps if they knew what the Christmas tree really represented, they’d be disgusted, too. But I doubt it. These masses are so brainwashed, they’re cannibalistic anyway. I would gladly work on any holiday. When you have and cultivate genuine family bonds, you don’t need a day to squeeze it all in. Every day is lived for your family. Every day is one in which you honor your ancestors and traditions, for you are a living testament to their teachings (and the religious ones, if that’s what you believe.) I may be incensed, but how much more livid would Jesus be to see what hypocrisy and ugliness is carried out in his name? His anger, alone, would be enough to roll back the sepulchre.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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