Wyclef Jean Says Lauryn Hill Affair, Paternity Lie Broke Up Fugees

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here’s what we DO know and/or can ascertain: (cont’d from previously posted list)
(6) Jean’s only claim to fame was a song on which he collaborated. Carlos Santana could’ve produced the same hit without Jean, not that the song was much of a Van Gogh piece anyway.
(7) Hill was allegedly so obsessed with Jean and so distraught about the baby not being his that she proceeded to have four more children with Marley. Right.
(8) The star power of Bob Marley is/was/always will be greater than any morsel of celeb status Jean could even daydream of having. Hill is proud to have offspring connected to Marley and bearing his name.
(9) Jean’s career is crippled without Hill. What’s he doing these days in music? Oh, that’s right. He’s doing interviews and spreading vitriolic rumors about Hill as a career.
(10) On the wings of #9, Jean could use a mirror and a reality check if he thinks ANY woman would prefer him over Rohan Marley. He must be using his money to buy the really, really good stuff ’cause he is on one!
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