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Here’s what we DO know and/or can ascertain: (cont’d from previously posted list)
(6) Jean’s only claim to fame was a song on which he collaborated. Carlos Santana could’ve produced the same hit without Jean, not that the song was much of a Van Gogh piece anyway.
(7) Hill was allegedly so obsessed with Jean and so distraught about the baby not being his that she proceeded to have four more children with Marley. Right.
(8) The star power of Bob Marley is/was/always will be greater than any morsel of celeb status Jean could even daydream of having. Hill is proud to have offspring connected to Marley and bearing his name.
(9) Jean’s career is crippled without Hill. What’s he doing these days in music? Oh, that’s right. He’s doing interviews and spreading vitriolic rumors about Hill as a career.
(10) On the wings of #9, Jean could use a mirror and a reality check if he thinks ANY woman would prefer him over Rohan Marley. He must be using his money to buy the really, really good stuff ’cause he is on one!
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Here’s what we DO know and/or can ascertain:
(1) Jean was married; Hill was not. Jean was the one cheating on his wife.
(2) Hill was involved with at least two men when she became pregnant. How on earth she would know which was the father while the child was in-utero is beyond even my own psychic channeling abilities. It sounds like Hill saw the baby and knew it couldn’t have been Jean’s. But maybe Miss Cleo could’ve predicted better.
(3) Hill has made no directly inflammatory statements about Jean. The comment quoted in this article is diplomatic as much as it is politically correct and respectful of the group. This hasn’t stopped the other two from being their devious selves and trashing Hill when presented opportunities.
(4) Jean possesses the kind of hubris it takes to believe he should run a troubled nation simply because he’s a rapper (not even a good one at that).
(5) Hill’s success has been mostly attained without Jean and the Fugees. Hill *was* the Fugees; it was glaring that she was the talented one of the lot.
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It is so easy to sweep South Africa’s plight (along with the ails of the continent as a whole) under a coaster and shake our heads while swirling glasses of Merlot. Afterall, Johannesburg fits diplomatically into conversation, right between how Fred shot a double eagle last week and how the essence of gooseberries lingers on the palette.
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While many people sit behind their IP addresses and wax poetic about how “sad” this whole thing is: many of us LIVE such lives, where we are repeatedly victimized by our communities (all of them, including the ones in which we are tokens) and the system. We call this being black in America. That is not a “race card.” That is a FACT.
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Y’know, it’s funny… When poor and/or minorities try to exclaim that this sort of thing (worse!) happens to them as a matter of routine, no one listens. But when it happens to someone outside of those groups, it becomes front page news and a rallying cry. The FOP has BEEN a vigilante gang since inception. It only matters what side of the “law” you’re on, but even that is nebulous. Now it is becoming more transparent: we are ALL on the wrong side of the law. They’ll snatch off your tot’s Pull-Up and your grandmother’s Depends without one concern for how dark/light you are, how wealthy/poor you are, how famous/obscure you are, or how thin/obese/beautiful/ugly you (think you) are. I hope that people have great epiphanies as their own lives are rattled, and they internalize the notion that “[i]njustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) Ideally, we can stop unleashing our frustrations on each other and amass ourselves against the real threat.
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