Mitt Romney Says Israel Settlements ‘Should Be Discussed In Private’

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

When will we stop making references to “government money”? There’s no such a spooky phantom as “government money”! This is OUR money! It isn’t “elected” (wink, wink) officials’ money with which to do whatever they desire.

Those who decry the stingy public benefits shaken at the poor (to stimulate the economy, incidentally) would best redirect their activism at America’s goliath “Welfare King,” aka Israel. In addition to the trillions flowing between the US & Israel, via corporate operation/investment & direct public aide in the billions per annum, we have been funding wars, genocides, & intifadas for Israel’s sake in what will inevitably prove futile attempts to protect our investment in the Middle East. Get real. Israel doesn’t have the manpower to defeat its most hostile neighbors, nor will it ever know a moment of civil unrest within its pilfered borders as long as it exists by the blood of the Palestinian people. After all these years of depleting our own reserves in Iraq & Afghanistan, we couldn’t defend Israel much either. (We could bring in the UN Army for giggles, perhaps. Our European allies? More giggles. At this point, Europe is slowly returning to Arab dominion while Brits are busy trying to fill seats at the Olympics & getting the Queen to smile for public appearances.) Israel’s only hope is in its nuclear stockpiles, of which it refuses to disarm itself despite repeated international admonishment. But what other kind of behavior could the world expect from “God’s chosen people”? Shalom.
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