D.C. At-Risk Students Paid $5.25 An Hour To Attend Summer School Through Summer Bridge Program

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

How can anyone ask another for equality or respect? You either command it, or you don’t. If someone has to give you freedom, you can guarantee that you’ll never ever have it. Black teachers need to unite and open schools that save our children. I know the farce of American education all too well. A principal actually said to me that I was pushing my daughter too hard, that I should be glad my teen got a C in one of her classes; after all, it was better than failure, he explained. Tell me what university of repute accepts C students who don’t have trust funds. Prejudiced white people *want* to think that mediocrity is the best we can do; they’ll lie & tell you just that. But, look around you, brothers & sisters: In every gainful aspect of Western culture that we have engaged, we ran circles around our competitors. Golf, tennis, basketball, baseball, politics, media: you name it. The first self-made female millionaire in this country & the only female self-made billionaire in this country? I’ll tell you this much: neither of them look like the Great White Hope black people are sadly waiting for. When will my people realize that our greatest hope lies within ourselves?
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