James Holmes Identified As Alleged Aurora, Colorado Theater Shooter That Left 12 Dead (PHOTOS, LIVEBLOG)

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

This has everything to do with the mistreatment of our young people. We look at the Wal-Mart crowd and at this young man, and we say “someone” should do something about “their” children, “their” problem. We start looking for people to blame.

It is OUR problem. We are ALL responsible for OUR children.

When we continuously ignore, ridicule, belittle, demean, and deceive them, we see young people unleashing their rage upon society because their voices have been muted, and they are frustrated with their failed attempts at communicating. In all of these actions, there are victims and perpetrators; both groups are in pain. I can only imagine the mountain of pain this young man was in to compel him to do such a thing to people with whom he has no connection. He has dehumanized them as he felt he had been dehumanized. Similarly, the Wal-Mart mob could not see the incivility of their behavior because they have lived in cages all their lives, dehumanized. The windows in their neighborhoods as well as the delineations between them and authority create perfect rehearsals spaces for the prisons many will later inhabit.

When we ALL begin taking responsibility for one another, actively unifying and working as a collective, we will be able to stop shaking our heads and wagging our fingers. Until then, we will continue to merely hope that tragedies like this one don’t happen in our neighborhoods.
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