Jonathan Jewth, 9-Year-Old New York City Boy, Dies After Choking On Meatballs In School Cafeteria

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s typical for school officials not to respond. Much of the trust that parents and students used to have in schools has eroded, not because of the media or some boogeyman that unions blame; no, the trust has disappeare­d because the remaining teachers, staff, and administra­tors are useless, if not downright cruel. I say “remaining­” because the ones who show an inkling of compassion­, anything more than apathy and selfish motivation­, are quickly booted out by those maintainin­g the status quo.

Vouchers and a surge in community-­based, affordable private schools are our only hope. I say, snatch your kids out of the public schools; they’re only being programmed to fail and to rebel against authority (starting with their own parents) anyway. I hope this beautiful boy’s parents sue the NYC Board of Ed so much that it chokes the life out of the beast. After eleven years of public school teaching, I’m thoroughly disgusted with the miseducati­on system.
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