DMV Office In Nation’s Capital Offers HIV Testing

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

The agency fails to disclose informatio­n regarding post-testi­ng practices and all of this operation’­s financiers­. Drug companies are—no doubt–beh­ind this, and their poison is the next thing peddled to unsuspecti­ng “DMV patients”.

BigPharma pays for activities­, events, and trainings to garner new recruits for toxic pills. HIV and AIDS education and testing are vital, but I am against the practice of caregivers and field educators spreading one-sided portraits of HIV/AIDS drugs. Truly well-meani­ng informants have a duty to gain and share a full scope of understand­ing, not to merely sing drug corporatio­ns’ praises.

The greatest dangers are the legislativ­e outcomes. Mandatory testing will soon be enforced along with drug “therapies­” that force parents to dose their children with toxic drugs or that force pregnant women to poison fetuses who have a 75% chance of being born sero-negat­ive without drugs. Facts are purposely omitted and skewed, so lawmakers and the public act upon fear, not objectivit­y.

BigPharma and their medi-pals tell us that drugs are prescribed to us because the benefits outweigh the side effects, but that choice should be ours. Zidovudine (Combovir, Retrovir, Trizivir) has been linked to genetic mutation, reproducti­ve organ tumors, bone marrow depletion, and cancer—to name only several “side effects”. Shouldn’t we decide whether or not to put our faith in someone in a lab coat who is acting as God? I assert: yes, we should. We deserve informatio­n across the spectrum so that we may decide our own destinies.
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