Writing Like a White Guy

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

The real inner debate Bolina has is between his desire for “otherness­” and his embrace of the “whiteness­” he has achieved. Fact is, on the census, Indians were considered “white” until the 1980 census, and on most statistica­l forms, Indians are still considered “Caucasian­”. So what mythical “minority status” does Bolina purport? Even if he claims to be Asian, he’s still a “model minority”. This is a poor attempt to play the “race card”. Moreover, Bolina hopes readers will buy into his ethnic solidarity claims, yet his statement “…Africa­n Americans, whose language is described as…” reveals his belief that blacks collective­ly subscribe to Ebonics, which is severely prejudiced­.

Bolina should title this piece: “Becoming a White Guy: A celebratio­n of my whiteness”­. He relishes his perfect assimilati­on into white culture, which merely coincides with his Caucasian identity. Problem is: whiteness lacks contempora­ry flavor and puts him in bed with imperialis­ts, according to prevalent literature and media. He dubs himself a “minority” to escape “white guilt” and to achieve novelty status. We’ve all met Bolina’s type: the white male who harps on being 5% Native American; ergo, he’s Sioux on his college applicatio­n and when he wants to be “down with the brothas’”. Of course, when he fraternize­s with fellow whites, he’s as white as they are, and he enjoys a little “street cred” because of his “cool” ancestry. This black woman (as in “black” on a census) isn’t buying it; I suggest savvy readers don’t either.
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