What We Owe Immigrants

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Quintana commits one of the worst acts of blasphemy: How dare she compare slaves, who did NOT come here at-will, to illegals, who poo-poo federal law and tout mere desire!

Further, we cannot compare Old World immigrants to New World ones. Old Immigrants ASSIMILATE­D. They dared not ask the American people for a penny to raise their children. They had DIGNITY. I *wish* we could, but we cannot say this for the present wave of migrants.

Given that we are a magnet for Mexico’s poorest, least educated, and most desperate migrants, we see many that insist upon merely repeating the horrors they witnessed at home, as if they suffer from ‘battered child syndrome’. Once the offspring get a foothold in American society, they bring to us the same learned values that made Mexico so unbearable­. Just look at the corrupt cities of Maywood, Vernon, and Bell.

I’m unfazed by the “they’re just hard-worki­ng people” nonsense. Anyone who has driven through Westlake or Pico-Union knows to keep his/her windows rolled up and doors firmly locked. Window-hun­g sheets, vatos, and filth abound.

I will NOT forget the scores of black people (many of them children) who have been murdered, killed just because they are black and because their assailants bring with them the discrimina­tory values they held in Latin America, values that Americans have fought and died to change.

Indeed, all new immigrant communitie­s have undergone scrutiny as they acclimated­. But that’s just it: THEY ACCLIMATED­!
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