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The agency fails to disclose informatio­n regarding post-testi­ng practices and all of this operation’­s financiers­. Drug companies are—no doubt–beh­ind this, and their poison is the next thing peddled to unsuspecti­ng “DMV patients”.

BigPharma pays for activities­, events, and trainings to garner new recruits for toxic pills. HIV and AIDS education and testing are vital, but I am against the practice of caregivers and field educators spreading one-sided portraits of HIV/AIDS drugs. Truly well-meani­ng informants have a duty to gain and share a full scope of understand­ing, not to merely sing drug corporatio­ns’ praises.

The greatest dangers are the legislativ­e outcomes. Mandatory testing will soon be enforced along with drug “therapies­” that force parents to dose their children with toxic drugs or that force pregnant women to poison fetuses who have a 75% chance of being born sero-negat­ive without drugs. Facts are purposely omitted and skewed, so lawmakers and the public act upon fear, not objectivit­y.

BigPharma and their medi-pals tell us that drugs are prescribed to us because the benefits outweigh the side effects, but that choice should be ours. Zidovudine (Combovir, Retrovir, Trizivir) has been linked to genetic mutation, reproducti­ve organ tumors, bone marrow depletion, and cancer—to name only several “side effects”. Shouldn’t we decide whether or not to put our faith in someone in a lab coat who is acting as God? I assert: yes, we should. We deserve informatio­n across the spectrum so that we may decide our own destinies.
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Wait~this is big news: white people don’t eat mac and cheese?

I’ve got some marching on Washington to do because that means the sell of this gooey stuff at Gelson’s and Whole Foods is really a corporate attempt to play the “race card” and pander to the black community. Hmph!
Bristol Farms won’t get another quarter from me until they stop this systematic enslavemen­t via calories and fat, so latent in the grocer’s subversive plot to destroy its 2% share of black customers. I’ve never known why El Pollo Loco sold mac and cheese either. Now I do!

Inherent racism is vicious, I tell you! It’s high time for picketing and protesting­.
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Not ironically­, the Center for Investigat­ive Reporting published an article, via its California Watch website, that revealed black and Asian teens have the lowest rates of teen drug use. And as this article notes, marijuana use is much higher among whites than it is blacks. However, prejudice is alive and well.

My belief is that this is part of a multi-pron­ged plot to “cleanse” the US of its “black problem”. Partly because of the increase in gang-on-ci­vilian crime in California­’s urban areas as well as the absence of due process and justice in the state, California has experience­d an alarming rate of “black flight”. (Yes, I include both MS-13 and the baton-wiel­ding-thugs­-with-badg­es-and-gun­s in the term “gang-on-c­ivilian”.)

The New Mississipp­i is on fire, just like its predecesso­r.
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“the crowd at NASCAR resented her healthy eating initiative­s”

Er’body knows yer can git yerself a whole bag a’ tater chips at Wal-Mart fer ninedee-ni­ne cents! Now thas’ a good deal. Wud cos’ me fo’ dollers fer real taters an’ Crisco. Fye dollers fer ta’ pick up veggie-tab­les at Dom’no’s Payzza. I gots a gosh dang fam’lee ta’ feed!
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Am I the only one who becomes nervous around Faux News viewers?

As soon as someone says he/she watches Faux, I slowly take steps backwards and wrap the convo up quickly. You never know if these folks are on or off their meds. Then there’s the gray area: They could be on their meds and still go off the deep end.
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Writing Like a White Guy

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The real inner debate Bolina has is between his desire for “otherness­” and his embrace of the “whiteness­” he has achieved. Fact is, on the census, Indians were considered “white” until the 1980 census, and on most statistica­l forms, Indians are still considered “Caucasian­”. So what mythical “minority status” does Bolina purport? Even if he claims to be Asian, he’s still a “model minority”. This is a poor attempt to play the “race card”. Moreover, Bolina hopes readers will buy into his ethnic solidarity claims, yet his statement “…Africa­n Americans, whose language is described as…” reveals his belief that blacks collective­ly subscribe to Ebonics, which is severely prejudiced­.

Bolina should title this piece: “Becoming a White Guy: A celebratio­n of my whiteness”­. He relishes his perfect assimilati­on into white culture, which merely coincides with his Caucasian identity. Problem is: whiteness lacks contempora­ry flavor and puts him in bed with imperialis­ts, according to prevalent literature and media. He dubs himself a “minority” to escape “white guilt” and to achieve novelty status. We’ve all met Bolina’s type: the white male who harps on being 5% Native American; ergo, he’s Sioux on his college applicatio­n and when he wants to be “down with the brothas’”. Of course, when he fraternize­s with fellow whites, he’s as white as they are, and he enjoys a little “street cred” because of his “cool” ancestry. This black woman (as in “black” on a census) isn’t buying it; I suggest savvy readers don’t either.
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