The Truth Behind the Ouster of Gaddafi

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Politics, S/Heroes
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Gaddafi advocated for Africa’s control of its own resources. He spearheaded the African Union and even paid the dues of poorer nations, contributing over $40million/yr. He bolstered the Union to form the African Monetary Fund, African Central Bank, and the African Investment Bank so that Africa could be self-sufficient and less reliant upon the World Bank and the IMF. He invested heavily in sub-Saharan Africa to build independent telecomm networks to reduce reliance on US & Euro companies. This is very dangerous to super powers and corporate leaders, incl. China, which all seek to continue the carving up & division of Africa. We need to understand that this coup has cultural significance, too, b/c the first accusation of the imperial powers against black people is that we are incapable of managing our own affairs. Gaddafi is modern proof that Africans are not inferior, that we can lead ourselves without being corrupt. Do you realize the force of Africa’s people throughout the diaspora? The greater danger to the survival of Eurocentric ideals is our empowerment, for if we all knew who we ARE and the greatness from which we came, we would be FIERCE.



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