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Despite a present lack of public evidence for the claims, they’re believable because the behavior fits Cain’s psychologi­cal profile as a narcissist­. And narcissism is only one of this man’s many disorders.
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Game Sports Bar & Grill The Restaurant | Los Angeles | Menus and Reviews | Zagat.

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UN ends mandate for NATO operations in Libya.

Anyone who thinks that a seven-year­-old should be asserting a sexual identity or should even be looked at as a sexual being at all is deranged. I take it the ones in favor of this nonsense also support NAMBLA’s ideals. o_O

All the mothers should remove their daughters from that chapter of the Girl Scouts, and show the organizati­on that their right to have their daughters protected is equally important. Since this poor boy has been sexually oriented, we don’t know if “she” is attracted to girls or what “she” could do to these girls under the hoax of being just one of the “girls”.
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(Sorry, ladies. Hate me or confess:) American women *say* “I want a ‘real man'”, but how many of us can handle a REAL MAN?
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Oprah’s mere existence is an inspiratio­n. The FIRST self-made millionair­e in the US was a black woman (Mme. CJ Walker), and the wealthiest self-made woman (billionai­re) now is a black woman. Oprah represents a message to ALL women: No Excuses! Step up your game, hon’. No odds are greater than one woman’s will.
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