You ever look at a picture that just enrages you so much that you have to regain control of yourself? A picture is worth a thousand revolutionaries who come together in the name of a true and just mission. (Picture taken at a school in Ghana)

I love how white liberals (mostly Dems) think they are the voice *for* black people, as if they know what is best for us. Sadly, they’ll never realize how racist the presumption of incompetence is. While Republicans are often vile in their opinions, at the very least, they–largely–believe that black people are just as capable as anyone else. For that ideal, they are actually further along in the ideology of equality than the Democrats who are busy patting heads and saying, “Oh, you poor, incapable Negro. Here, let me do that for you.” Democrats who swear they’re great saviours to black people make me nauseous. I’d rather be called the N-word than to be treated like one.

If poverty is rampant, education is failing, crime is increasing, disease is befalling many, “mental illness” is on the rise, dollars are inflating, debts are being backed by further debts, the war machines are turning, prisons are overcrowding, and health care is death care, you have yourself a PERFECT system by the elites and for the elites. It is naive to think that this mess is unintended, that it has merely spiraled downward into this. Someone has always had to exist at the bottom in order for the few to make it to the top; you’re only upset about it now because it’s you who is being stepped upon/trampled. But that was the plan since the 1400s. Look who profits, and you will find the truth, the origins, and the orchestrators of our demise. People always talk about “how it used to be,” but it was never Utopia. Someone always had to suffer so that others could prosper; the grand plans have been laid, and now everyone who isn’t elite is going under while the remaining wealth is extracted from our tired little corpses. How can we sit by, watch “our” government kill masses of civilians abroad, and be foolish enough not to realize that we are next? We say “the government doesn’t care,” like the government is a real person. Look who is behind the government. When are we going to stop talking about revolution and be about it? When do we stand up and walk out on corporatism? When do we realize that the only power we have is ourselves, our collective will? When do we band together and refuse to live under this enslaving economic system? Truth be told, we’re all financially broke anyway. The more you make, the more you owe. When I made six figures, I lived check to check still. Now I earn zero, but my spirit isn’t “broke,” like it was before when I was sweating about the mortgage, the nanny, the car payments, the utilities, et. al.. When will many of us decide that we are tired of being spiritually “broke” and tired? When do we come together and create our own system of collective economics based upon the skills we have? I will teach for free. I don’t need fancy boards and gadgets; those are illusions and gimmicks. Give me some paper, books, and pencils, and I can teach far beyond anyone’s test. When do we stop worrying about money and begin to simply be ourselves and share with each other? Let us do this now. Why not? What do we have left? We can keep asking the government for our dignity and will to exist, or we can take hold of it ourselves NOW.

One of my former students spoke out against Dr. King on Facebook, and here’s how I responded after reading the sheeple attack him:

You represent those of us who read OUR history, not lilly white versions of it. You represent those of us who know that Marcus Garvey and the Black Panther Party (et. al.) had a lot more to do with dramatic change than King did. You represent those of us who aren’t blind, those who know that America is largely segregated and that there is no such thing as a so-called black community any more. You represent those of us who don’t believe lies about Bro. Malcolm and the NOI, those of us who have read “By Any Means Necessary” and who know that when he started talking about black people connecting throughout the diaspora, he committed a fatal sin against the white “gods.” You represent those of us who don’t see how “Basketball Wives” represents improvement on our parts, those of us who see how we have merely switched from chattel slaves to economic slaves. “Bands a’ make her dance[rs]” we are now, and that is no position to be in. You represent those of us who know that more black men have been killed by the criminal justice system since alleged desegregation than were killed during the Jim Crow era and the post-slave South combined. You represent those of us who are not a part of the walking dead, those of us who are not afraid to ask questions, to demand answers of our so-called leaders. You are an intelligent black man who speaks his own truth and that is a dangerous weapon indeed. I pray you never ever go to work for the County or any other slave system that pigeon holes and categorizes our people while handing them a slip of paper with a list of “resources” and maybe a few pences then cry that you are on the front lines, the front lines of the enemy. I will never again do the coon dance for the miseducation system again because I realized how, even at the community college level, it was a lot about trapping unsuspecting poor and minority students into holding tanks of remediation from which they rarely escaped. If you never ever do anything but speak, you have done enough, and don’t let anyone tell you less. You don’t have to be a poser to enlighten someone, to make people think, to send someone to the books to learn.

“Wilson told investigators that she visited her doctor last week, seeking to be admitted to a hospital ‘due to feeling like she wanted to hurt someone.'”

The father won’t get a dime from this woman’s non-existent estate, but he has every right to sue the doctor for failing to implement a 5150 hold. How ironic that we want greater latitude for the mental health care industry while the health care system, as a whole, repeatedly fails us.

What a disgusting story. I am sorry, Jade.
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Some good a bullet-proof backpack is gonna’ do when someone aims for a kid’s face or arm. But for the same amount of money, parents could pool their resources and invest in community, cooperative schools for their children. Yes, for the same amount of money. Of course, that would take effort and time, something American parents, by-and-large, negligently fail to provide. These are the microwave meal parents who don’t even have time to prep real food (or read the labels to see if the food is even “real”) for their children. Sigh.
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This woman’s life should serve as a reality check to those in the West who swear by India as some place of healing gurus and swamis and kindness because it is a load of BS. India has some of THE worst child abuse in the world, and it is all sanctioned and protected by the ruling and middle classes. By simply focusing on yoga and Osho, we are blind to the true suffering of the average Indian person. We sit upon our high horses assuming that everyone in India is practicing peace while being trained in computer sciences or telemarketing. Meanwhile, the truth is that the country is a victim of its own polarization, hypocrisy, and downright evil. Yes, forcing toddlers into labor camps is nothing shy of evil. Shunning entire populations of people as “Untouchable” is evil. This isn’t just about improving the conditions of women who can afford to go to theaters; it is about improving the conditions of India’s most indigent people who are voiceless and muted by the effective public relations of the country’s most wealthy.
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Occupy the FBI!
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I call the impish Mr. Lee what he is: a Tom (and I’m not talking about the canvas shoes.)
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